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FVF Law Case Study

Increased SEO and Content Create Success in an Ultra Competitive Field 

A fresh SEO strategy helped an Austin law firm boost organic rankings on Google, leading to a surge in traffic, leads and new cases.

FVF Law is a values driven personal injury law firm in Austin, TX. Their involvement in the Austin community, compassion for people who are harmed in accidents, and commitment to providing transparent and honest legal representation sets them apart from the highly competitive personal injury law field. 

The lawyers at FVF Law needed help crafting a SEO strategy that would bring their message to the right audience. They wanted to ensure that their unique voice and vision came through clearly. After growing frustrated with previous agencies, FVF Law hired Neon Ambition to increase their online presence and help their content rank higher on Google. 

The Challenge at Hand

FVF Law had a well-designed website with lots of great information about their firm, but they were having trouble getting their site to rank well on Google for their most important keyword phrases. Even though they had lots of positive reviews from past clients and good content, these factors were not translating to the kind of rankings that would bring organic web traffic.

Their work with other SEO agencies had failed to capture their specific message, and they were lumped into an already brimming pool of personal injury attorneys stuck on page two or worse of Google’s search results. Even though FVF Law had worked hard to develop values that would separate them from the pack, the one-size-fits-all approach of many digital marketing firms kept them stuck in a difficult market.


Our Three-Pronged Strategy

Neon Ambition recognized that to best help FVF Law, it was necessary to take stock of their assets as well as their site’s SEO challenges. Because the FVF website was already in decent shape design-wise, rather than reinvent the wheel, we zeroed in on crucial technical SEO updates to make their site work harder for them. 


Next, by combining thorough keyword research, competitive analysis and feedback from FVF, we generated topics for relevant and timely content that would better answer the queries people were searching for. Our legal copywriting team wrote over 40 new pages of content for the site and rewrote existing content to optimize it for SEO, then worked to integrate it into a new site structure and navigation while maintaining a focus on user experience.

Given Austin’s sizable Latino/a population, we also wanted to ensure we were able to serve this important part of the community and be able to answer questions for and provide helpful content to Spanish speakers as well. In order to do so, we identified FVF’s 39 most important pages and translated them into Spanish. 

Last but not least, now that we had their technical SEO cleaned up and more engaging and helpful content on the site, we worked hard to increase the authority of their site through high quality backlinking. It certainly helps when clients are as active in their community as FVF is. You can read more about their involvement in the community here. (That said, we don’t need clients to be as active in their community as FVF is to build great backlinks.) We’ve been able to generate more than 200 high quality backlinks for them since we started working with them. 

Big Time Results

The winning combination of technical SEO fixes, fresh content and high quality backlinks has created phenomenal growth in FVF’s organic traffic and revenue. In just under two years, monthly organic traffic has increased 993% percent! From an SEO perspective, FVF’s remarkable turn-around is one of Neon Ambition’s greatest success stories, with first page rankings for more than 370 highly valued search terms and 108 in the top 3.

Increased web traffic has resulted in more than six times the amount of leads than FVF historically received from organic web searches. In a market where firms pay upward of $500 to $1,000 on each lead from Google pay-per-click ads, FVF’s success demonstrates how investing in a well-executed long-term SEO strategy can save companies tens of thousands of dollars each month in paid search and other attorney marketing costs.

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“This team has been a breath of fresh air. We’ve worked with many other digital marketing teams and since hiring Neon Ambition, it’s clear none of our other partners truly had our best interest in mind. They have taken an individualized approach, understood our brand and voice, and consistently delivered in a very difficult market. Two thumbs up.”
Josh Fogelman
Founding Partner at FVF 

“I am pleased with the results we are getting from working with Neon Ambition. Jordan and the rest of the team have been organized and straightforward from day one. We are very satisfied with Neon Ambition’s work and I highly recommend them.”
Margaret von Flatern
Chief Operating Officer at FVF

“We’ve been working with Neon Ambition on SEO for nearly two years and have seen a significant increase in our organic search, keyword rankings and online conversions. The Neon Ambition team is full of people that really know their stuff, and I’ve learned a lot through working with them.”
Caitlyn Macaluso
Director of Marketing and Communications at FVF

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