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Does your current website do a good job communicating your value to potential clients?

Or does it look like something someone designed in the mid-nineties, spinning “under construction” .gif and all?

Legal Web Design

Does your current website do a good job communicating your value to potential clients, or does it look like something someone designed in the mid-nineties, spinning “under construction” .gif and all?

The fact of the matter is far too many high-quality law firms are being represented by underperforming sites. This costs them clients and degrades their overall reputation.
Worried you fall into that camp?

Never fear — Neon Ambition creates professional websites for lawyers and law firms that attract leads and convert them into clients. Our team includes web designers, PPC and SEO specialists, and legal copywriters who will work together to create a website that acts as a professional calling card for your practice.

How? Our experience, mostly.

Neon Ambition is a Google Partner with two previous Google employees. One of our team members headed local SEO for Morgan and Morgan’s 96 offices and our head of SEO was previously the Director of SEO at Morgan and Morgan. Our Head of Paid Search & Paid Social is one of the most recognized online marketing professionals in the world. With Neon Ambition, you have a level of expertise that’s impossible to beat in the legal marketing space.

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KBR Law Results

We’ve already partnered with many law firms looking for website help and have driven measurable results. For example, when KBR Law came to Neon Ambition, they needed a website that would help them attract clients with high net worths looking for trust, probate, and elder law attorneys. They saw:

  • 118% increase in leads
  • 80% increase in organic visitors

Are you not seeing the results you want from your website? It might be time to rethink it — from the ground up.

Why You Need a Better Site

Whether you’re a large law firm with multiple offices across the country or a one-attorney practice, a good website can help you:

Convert online users into potential clients by giving visitors a reason to call your law firm

Improve your search engine rankings, exposing your firm to larger audiences

Have a central space to share information and showcase your law firm’s experience and expertise

If you want to rank higher on Google Maps or want to launch a social media campaign, a strong website is the core of your online marketing strategy. It has the space to offer content that builds trust and credibility. It helps you create an online brand highlighting all the unique features that make your law firm stand out.

No matter your legal practice — from family law to personal injury — a good website is the entry point to a strong online presence. If you want to advertise and market your law firm, you need a great website. Period. Neon Ambition can make it happen.

What Your Site Needs

A good website has the following elements. How many of these does your website have?

Strong core web vitals

Core web vitals determine how your website performs based on field data. They basically are a way for Google to measure the user experience of your website, and they strongly influence how well your site ranks in Google searches. As a Google Partner, Neon Ambition knows how to improve the factors Google is looking for.

Great structure

Is it easy for potential clients to find their way around your site? Neon Ambition can redesign your site so that it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Engaging writing that gives visitors a reason to reach out to you

Content on your website needs to explain to visitors why they need to contact your law firm — explicitly and implicitly. Visitors should feel a connection to your words and understand why you’re the best attorney to contact.

All the right details

Do all the links on your site work? Does each page load quickly on different types of devices? Neon Ambition gets the details right to improve your search engine rankings, visitor experience, and conversion rate.

Mobile friendly

Does your site design look different on Android and iOS devices? What about on tablets and phones? Do you know? Neon Ambition builds sites that look great, no matter how people are accessing them.

Compliance with legal advertising rules

You don’t want keywords like “the best personal injury attorney” to sneak onto your website, which would put you in violation of legal marketing rules. Neon Ambition has experienced legal copywriters to keep your site compliant with ABA Rule 7.2 and your state bar’s rules.


You should be building your website content with SEO in mind. If you’re not sure how your SEO is doing — or if you’re doing it at all — we’ve got you. When you first start working with Neon Ambition we will run a free competitive analysis of your website’s SEO compared to four competitors to track any opportunities for improving your search engine rankings.

Multiple ways to drive traffic to the website

Having the flashiest site on the block won’t make a difference if no one sees it. Neon Ambition has the SEO, PPC, and legal marketing experience to get more potential clients to your site.

A way to stand out

The legal space is among the most competitive, especially for practice areas like personal injury. Neon Ambition uses design and branding to highlight what makes you the best choice for clients in your area.

Your website does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to converting visitors into clients. Neon Ambition can help you elevate your online presence to make this happen more frequently.

Web Design With Neon Ambition

Neon Ambition is a premier legal marketing agency, recognized by UpCity Marketplace and Clutch as one of the top agencies in the world. Here’s what makes us different.

We understand your law practice

We build great legal websites because we understand what appeals to your high-value clients. We understand your sales funnel and how to make sure your website’s design captures more attention and generates more contacts.

Our team is hard to beat

Our head of SEO was the Director of SEO at Morgan and Morgan. Another of our employees led local SEO for Morgan and Morgan’s 96 offices as their local SEO Strategist. Our Head of Paid Search & Paid Social has won over 25 awards and is the only person to have received the Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising. He’s also a three-time Google Partners All-Star winner.

We partner with Google

Neon Ambition is a two-time Google All-Star Partner, with access to Google ads Beta programs. We’re one of only a handful of agencies with access to Google Ads Alpha programs, which give our clients the option of trying new campaign types and ad features before they’re made publicly available.

We start with hard data

When you start work with Neon Ambition, we conduct initial keyword research, audit your existing pay-per-click campaigns, conduct a competitive analysis of your site and four competitors, analyze opportunities to improve your conversion rate, and run a HubSpot audit if you use it. We do all of this completely free so we can set realistic expectations for what we can do and so we can talk to you about what needs to be changed with your website.

We focus on metrics that matter

Our goal is to help you land more clients and we track the prospective clients who contact you and the new clients you sign. We don’t focus on vanity metrics that won’t grow your practice.

Our reports are in-depth

In fact, ask us for a sample. You’ll see our reports include details about your results as well as actionable recommendations. Neon Ambition has some of the most exhaustive reporting in the industry, so you’re never in the dark.

We take care of more than just websites

Neon Ambition tackles it all, from branding to SEO for personal injury attorneys and other practice areas to logos, PPC, content, and more. We can even get your ad on billboards and TV. We can create your website or build a multi-platform campaign. The sky's the limit.

Our managers have reasonable caseloads

The amount of personalized attention your project gets makes a huge difference. While other companies may have 60 to 120 clients per account manager, Neon Ambition’s managers handle about eight. That way, you can always reach us and get detailed answers rather than the busy signal.

Ready to Talk?

When you contact Neon Ambition, you talk to our founder and owner, Jordan Slover,  not a sales rep who has a quota that may or may not be here next year. You’re speaking with someone who has a stake in the game and who understands exactly how to get your website to outperform the competition.

All it takes is half an hour to change course on your law firm’s web presence. Whether you need a brand-new website or a site overhaul to improve performance, Neon Ambition can get you results. Set up a free, thirty-minute call today.

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How Many Agencies Have You Had to Fire?

We get it - good help is hard to find.

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