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Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Having fresh content on your site that tells a compelling story is imperative not only to your SEO efforts but also to turning your visitors into customers.

Potential customers are using search engines to educate themselves about products or services at every stage of the buying cycle… from first understanding the product to picking out which color they prefer. They want to be better informed when it comes time to make their buying decision. Some may want answers to their questions without having to speak with salespeople.

By providing value and answers to these questions without being salesy or pushing your own agenda, you have the ability to use a content marketing strategy to enhance your brand’s visibility, increase awareness of your brand’s position, increase loyalty and ultimately drive inbound leads.

We know finding the time to create compelling content can be difficult. We often get asked “How much content do I need to best my competition?” Knowing what to write about, what content to prioritize to get results quickest and how much content is needed are all equally challenging questions to answer.

Neon Ambition is here to help! Having a good strategy based on exhaustive research and competitive analysis for your site’s content marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let us help you unravel your content marketing web with a free consultation.

Our Content Marketing Strategy

Here are Neon Ambition’s first six questions to consider when starting content marketing:

What challenges are you trying to solve by creating content?

Is the goal to generate more leads, decrease customer service enquiries or complaints, or increase search engine rankings? What does success look like for your company?

Who will create your content?

Our Austin content marketing firm’s clients typically create 50% of their content and outsource 50% to us. This makes sense considering a 2016 study by Econsultancy showed that only 54% of brands have a dedicated content director.

Who is going to enforce your content marketing strategy?

For us there is really only one answer to this: the CEO. Having buy-in from the top and getting everyone to work together is best achieved if the person signing the paychecks is enforcing deadlines.

What type of content will you create?

Will it be useful, inspirational, funny, educational about a general topic or answer specific commonly asked questions?

When will your content be developed?

Most companies we speak with don’t know what they are going to write about next week, let alone next month or nine months from now. A good content marketing calendar should be created at least six and preferably twelve months in advance.

Who is your audience and where are they?

If your company has multiple target markets, they potentially spend their time online and read content in very different places. They also likely have very different questions. Understanding who is asking enables us to decide how your content should be created and where we need to distribute it.

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