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No matter what sector your business is in, you need a solid marketing strategy to make it in the City of Angels. The reality is that with a population of close to four million and with more residents and business owners arriving every day full of hopes, it takes a lot of work to stand out here. You need neon-bright ambition. And you don’t have to do it alone.

From Santa Monica to Santa Ana, Neon Ambition is the digital marketing agency Los Angeles businesses turn to when they want more sales and more customers.

Let’s talk a little more about what we can do. If you’re in need of a Los Angeles SEO agency or digital marketing services, you can also reach out to schedule a free 30-minute call with our founder and owner to talk about your needs.

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Your Digital Marketing Experts in Los Angeles

Even in a city like Los Angeles, filled with the best of the best, Neon Ambition stands out. Here’s what we bring to the table:

We have experience you won’t find anywhere else. Neon Ambition is a Google Partner, two-time Google Partner All-Star winner, HubSpot Gold Certified agency partner, and Bing Partner. UpCity and Clutch have both named us as one of the top agencies. We have award-winners on our team, too. Our head of Paid Search & Paid Social has over 25 awards, three Google Partners All-Star wins, and a Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising — he’s currently the only person to have been awarded this distinction.

We tell you like it is. We can outrank any of your competitors, and we’re upfront with you about the time, effort, and investment it will take to make it happen. We also send you a fully transparent report every month, a type of roadmap that lets you see exactly where you are with your digital marketing efforts.

We focus on what’s important. At Neon Ambition, we understand you simply don’t have a business unless you bring in more customers or clients. It’s why our Los Angeles SEO and marketing agencies don’t focus on vanity metrics. Our goal is the same as yours: to help you land more deals, more customers, more sales.

We pay attention to details. In many cases, our clients have worked with another SEO company in Los Angeles or have even worked with a few digital marketing services. Our goal is always to track down any errors that could be hurting your results. We tend to notice what others miss, whether that’s slow download times, broken links, uninspiring writing, or other errors that could be costing you big.

We offer personalized attention. The typical SEO or digital marketing agency in Los Angeles will have account managers overseeing 30 to 120 accounts. We find that incredible. How can your account get the attention it deserves in this situation? The reality: it doesn’t. Our managers only handle six to eight accounts, so they can dedicate themselves to your success and are there to answer any questions you have.

Your Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Neon Ambition is a full-service Los Angeles digital marketing agency helping businesses across the city and around the country. While we’re based in Texas, our expertise makes a big difference to our LA-area clients. Here are just some of the services we offer:

search-engine-optimization (SEO)

SEO is so important to digital marketing that Neon Ambition has taken some big steps to bring you the best search engine optimization services possible. For example, we hired the SEO professional who used to manage the SEO team at Morgan and Morgan (one of the largest personal injury firms in the country and in Los Angeles) as our Director of SEO.

We also hired their local SEO specialist, who optimized GMB listings for all of Morgan and Morgan’s 96 offices, including the LA office. We made these hires because we wanted to bring you the best SEO professionals who have experience in some of the most competitive spaces and on the largest accounts.

In addition, Neon Ambition is the best agency in the nation when it comes to handling both local and national SEO for large companies. We rely on research, backlink building, great copywriting, technical SEO, and other tools to make sure you’re attracting the most promising leads with organic search engine results.

PPC Management

Neon Ambition is a top PPC agency in Los Angeles, and we can take care of your PPC campaigns end to end. We can help you find the right keywords — the words your target customers are actually using. We lower your cost per lead and get you better results on search, display, Local Service, YouTube, and Google Maps ads.

With $35M in Google Ads/Bing and more than $20M in FB ads managed monthly, Neon Ambition has the expertise to handle even the largest campaigns. In fact, we’ve helped personal injury attorneys — who have some of the competitive spaces among industries — as well as other businesses land at the top of Google search ads and Google Maps packs.

There’s also something else we’re pretty passionate about — who owns your Google Ads account? You may not think about it much, but the reality is that if you pay a marketing agency and they pay your bill with Google, they own your Google Ads account. Not you. We think that’s pretty nuts when the account is for your business.

Our founder has tried to change this Google policy so far with no success. In the meantime, we make sure that you own your Google Ads account when you work with us.

Content Marketing

As the home of the SXSW Interactive Festival and a thriving tech community, customers in Los Angeles have high standards for digital experiences. Whether you have a professional website or want to embrace the unique creativity of the city, our copywriters and designers can create content that matches your brand voice and goals. We can create:

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Blogs
  • Website pages and landing pages
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Video scripts
  • E-books
  • Entire websites

If it has words on it, we can use storytelling, voice, and even our sense of humor to convey the message you’re trying to send. Not sure what writing style and tone of voice is best? No problem. Our expert copywriters and marketers can examine your brand to find your uniqueness, research your prospective customers, and analyze your competition to find the best voice to represent your company. Our words reach people, making sure you can connect with your target audience.

Copywriting Services

Most digital marketing in Los Angeles is based on copywriting. Words help you rank at the top of Google, help you convert leads into customers, help you stand out, and so much more.

Neon Ambition understands that compelling messaging and storytelling are the beating heart of successful digital marketing for our Los Angeles clients, which is why we have scoured the country for the best copywriters across all industries.

In addition, we have an editor with more than ten years of experience in editing and journalism. A professional editor reviews all your work, and you will approve it before it goes live. We were horrified to find out that our competitors don’t take this extra care, and we’re proud of our meticulous approach, which helps you harness the power of words for your company.


Success in digital marketing in Los Angeles starts with a cohesive brand and “voice.” Your company needs to sound like you. If you’re an Los Angeles business, you shouldn’t sound like a New York City brand.

Our team carefully researches what makes you stand out so we can build a unique brand for you, or we work with your existing branding materials. Either way, we make sure your copy and designs are consistent so your prospective customers recognize you on your website, social media, and other online spaces. We align your branding wherever it appears and give your potential customers compelling reasons to contact you.

Billboards on the 405

Los Angeles has a long history with billboards along major highways and streets. Neon Ambition can use billboards with strong written and visual messages to ensure you stand out among all the other advertising in the city. We even tweak your billboard efforts to help you maximize your ROI.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others present an opportunity to reach your intended customers when they’re searching for information online or just relaxing. Neon Ambition can take care of every part of your social media campaign, from determining which platforms are best for your business goals, creating eye-catching content, and launching and managing your social campaign.

We can build your brand reputation, help you connect with your audience, and help you ensure customers find you online when they’re looking for products or services like yours.

Web Design

Whether you want a custom built site to sell your services to Los Angeles or the world or need a website built using a theme that acts as your calling card online, with plenty of information to encourage prospective clients to become customers, Neon Ambition can help. We craft compelling content and attractive designs. Our team also creates organized websites designed for a positive user experience.

We focus on conversion, so every visit to your website is designed to encourage someone to take action, whether that’s contacting you or downloading a lead magnet with more information about your services. Neon Ambition can also optimize your website, update it, and maintain it so you don’t have to. We create a home for you online and make sure it gets you closer to your business goals.

TV Ads

TV ads have long been a major form of advertising in Los Angeles, with so many TV studios and entertainment industry professionals around. At Neon Ambition, we have an even more exciting option: CTV/OTT (Connected TV/Over-the-Top TV) ads.

CTV/OTT ads deliver your message more precisely, based on viewers’ watching habits, demographics, and interests. You can time your ads and even tweak them, so Neon Ambition can create a campaign that ensures more viewers are watching your entire ads and are the right potential customers for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

At Neon Ambition, we use data-driven techniques to make sure that when visitors land on your website, they have a great experience that makes a lasting, positive impression. We run A/B testing, tweak your website, create user-friendly designs, and ensure visitors want to return and work with you.

Ready for a Different Kind of Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency?

Jordan Slover is the founder and owner of Neon Ambition. When you contact us about our digital marketing in Los Angeles, you’ll be talking to him for 30 minutes about your company’s goals. Jordan will then do competitive research to create a custom marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals. He will work closely with you to create a realistic marketing plan.

Jordan has stakes in the game. It’s his company, and he’s the one you’ll be talking to in a few months after working with us. This, combined with our expertise and depth and breadth of digital marketing services, is why we’re confident we’re the marketing agency you’ve been looking for.
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