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In the crowded world of personal injury lawyer marketing, it's tough to stand out from the competition.

But Neon Ambition has the expertise, experience, and range of services to help your law firm rise above the rest.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Neon Ambition offers marketing services specifically tailored to personal injury lawyers and has a team of legal marketing experts with a wealth of experience to help you rise above the competition and land more high-value clients for your law firm.

Neon Ambition works with personal injury law firms and attorneys across the country and Canada. Why? Because we have the best team of legal marketing experts around, of course. 

Our head of SEO was previously the Director of SEO at Morgan and Morgan and another member of our personal injury attorney marketing agency formerly headed local SEO for Morgan and Morgan’s 96 offices. And our team’s experience doesn’t stop there as we have a much larger team that averages over 13 years of marketing experience. We don’t know of any other marketing agency for attorneys that can claim the level of expertise that we bring to the table.

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Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury attorney marketing is an investment and to get the best ROI, your firm needs to choose the right agency. Here’s what to look for:


Neon Ambition has a depth of experience most personal injury marketers simply don’t have. Our team averages over 13 years of experience from top to bottom. We’re a Google Partner, two-time Google Partner All-Star winner, Bing Partner, and HubSpot Gold Certified agency partner. We’ve been recognized by UpCity and Clutch as one of the top agencies in the industry. Our head of Paid Search & Paid Social alone has over 25 awards, three Google Partners All-Star wins and is the only person to have ever been awarded the Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising.

An ability to fix mistakes

Many personal injury law firms miss out on high-value clients because of obvious errors most agencies overlook. Their websites are sluggish, have broken links, their writing is poor, or other issues that cause people to find another lawyer. Neon Ambition hunts down these errors and fixes them so your website converts visitors into clients.

A focus on what really matters

At Neon Ambition, we don’t believe in vanity metrics. We know that ranking number one for “dog bite injuries lawyers” when your best clients come from car and truck accident cases isn’t your top priority. Our approach emphasizes targeting the most relevant keywords for your firm’s target clients and tracking meaningful metrics to measure your marketing success. You’ll get meaningful insights into the number of leads and clients you’re getting each month because we know that ultimately these are the only numbers that matter.

An understanding of marketing and personal injury law

Neon Ambition’s team includes a JD and legal marketers with decades of experience. We understand current state bar marketing rules and personal injury cases alike. We know what a quality personal injury client is and we focus on getting you more of those high-value clients with targeted marketing efforts.

Transparency and Realistic Expectation Setting

Our reports show you all the details of your marketing campaign so you always know exactly what’s happening. Even before we start working together, Neon Ambition does research and analysis into your top competitors so we can set realistic expectations of what’s possible. We always explain that we can outrank anyone — yes, even in the highly competitive personal injury space — but we’re realistic and upfront with you about the money, time, and steps it will take to do so.

Personal attention

It’s not unusual for personal injury law firm SEO and marketing agencies to have account managers handling 30 to 120 client accounts at a time. (It’s true, and I have the resumes to prove it!) That’s basically a guarantee your account doesn’t get the attention it needs. At Neon Ambition, each of our managers oversee only six to eight accounts, so they have the time and space to dedicate themselves to driving results for your firm.

A stake in the game

When you contact Neon Ambition for the first time, you’ll talk directly with Jordan Slover, our founder and owner. And when it’s time for an update about your marketing outcomes, you talk to Jordan and not a sales rep who may or may not be here next year. You’re working with the person who has been here since the start and whose reputation is on the line — someone who has a vested interest in getting you more clients.

Our Digital Marketing Services


Get to the top of organic search engine rankings and in the local map pack with SEO. We conduct a careful analysis of your top competitors so we can accurately map out where you are and what it would take to outrank them. From legal copywriting to improving your backlink profile to making sure your site is technically sound, we take care of every detail and keep you informed so you understand what is happening as your rankings improve, locally and nationally.

You’re also going to be receiving individualized attention. Our SEO team has one of the lowest account-to-SEO ratios in the industry, so your campaign will absolutely be getting the consideration it deserves.

PPC Management

It’s not unusual for personal injury law firms to spend six or seven figures a month on Google Ads given how competitive the space is. While we know the personal injury space is among the most competitive, Neon Ambition’s PPC management can help increase your visibility and lower your cost per lead on search ads, Local Service Ads, display ads, YouTube Ads, and Google Maps ads.

We currently have around $35M in Google Ads/Bing and over $20M in FB ads managed monthly, so you could say we have plenty of experience with large, complex campaigns.

And something really important to note — you’ll always own your Google Ads account, so you stay in control of your campaign no matter what. If an agency is asking you to pay them for your spend to Google and then they pay the bill to Google, they own your account, not you. It’s a Google policy our Founder has unsuccessfully tried to change but at Neon Ambition you’ll never have this concern.

Web Design

Neon Ambition creates and redesigns personal injury attorney websites with a focus on branding, messaging, logos, and intuitive design. We don’t just create attractive websites that look identical to your competitors’ — we create websites designed to get you more clients and to help you stand out.

Marketing Reporting

When you work with Neon Ambition, we prepare transparent, easy-to-understand reports each month, with data pulled directly from the source via API. In plain English, we let you know what we’re doing for your law firm.

Unlike many other personal injury marketing agencies, our biggest focus is on how many clients you’re bringing in every month. We know that at the end of the day, this is the metric that matters most.

Legal Copywriting

We understand that crafting compelling content is essential to building your brand and ranking at the top of Google, which is why we offer expert legal copywriting services reviewed by a professional editor.

You’ll always get a chance to approve the copy before it goes live. Crazy right? We can’t believe this differentiates us from some competitors but it does! This meticulous approach helps ensure your content is of the highest possible quality.

Law Firm Branding

Neon Ambition helps you identify what makes your personal injury law firm stand out from the rest, and then we take advantage of it with branding that encompasses logo design, writing style, web design, and more.

We’ll work with you to create an engaging, professional brand and make sure all of your marketing efforts are aligned with it.

Social Media Campaigns

Neon Ambition will improve your reach in your community through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. We use meaningful content and eye-catching designs as well as platform-specific targeted content to get the attention of social media users who are most likely to need your services.


Billboards from Neon Ambition get more eyes on your marketing messaging. Our designers and writers combine visual and written components to make sure viewers give you a call. We can manage all of these efforts from top to bottom and we’ll help you adjust your efforts to maximize your ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Neon Ambition makes sure that when we drive traffic to your site, visitors have a positive experience. We create interesting, educational content and we’ll make sure your website is easy to use and intuitive. We run A/B testing on your landing pages and make tweaks to generate more paying clients for you.

Ready for a Marketing Strategy That Actually Brings in Clients?

Give Jordan Slover, founder and owner of Neon Ambition, 30 minutes to discuss your firm’s goals for growth. He’ll then do competitive research and come back to you with a customized personal injury law firm marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

It may be the best 30 minutes you can spend on your personal injury law firm’s marketing. Together, we can create a realistic plan for maximizing your ROI.

We understand that you may have tried many personal injury law marketing agencies before. But with our experience and our track record of success, we’re the last agency you’ll need. 

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