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Neon Ambition is one of America’s fastest-growing law firm marketing agencies. We work with large law firms and single-attorney practices around the country, and even internationally. It’s our goal to create custom marketing campaigns that bring qualified leads to your firm.

Legal Marketing Agency

Our agency has already helped one of our clients increase organic website traffic by 993% in just under two years and helped them rank at the top of Google Maps for over 90 keyword search terms.

We’re a two-time Google Partner All-Star winner and Google Partner. Our team has been recognized by UpCity as a top SEO agency, PPC agency, and digital agency. We’re a Bing Partner and HubSpot Gold Certified agency partner. We’ve also been recognized as one of the top 1,000 agencies globally by Clutch, which puts us among the top 1% of agencies worldwide.

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Your Next Law Firm Marketing Agency

At Neon Ambition, we help law firms grow — helping them improve their reach and secure more clients. Whether you’re a big law firm with multiple locations across several states or a one-attorney practice, our team can help.

How? Because no other law firm marketing agency can touch our level of experience. Neon Ambition’s head of SEO was formerly the Director of SEO at Morgan and Morgan, the nation’s largest personal injury firm. We didn’t stop there. We also brought on board another team member who formerly led local SEO for Morgan and Morgan’s 96 offices. 

Our team also includes Rocco Baldassarre, our head of Paid Search & Paid Social. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Rocco has won over 25 awards for the results of his lead-gen campaigns and is a three-time Google Partners All-Star winner. He is the only person to have ever been awarded the Microsoft MVP for Marketing and Advertising. So yeah. He’s kind of a big deal. But more importantly, he couldn’t be nicer or a harder worker—someone who genuinely cares about Neon Ambition clients and his team.

How do we help firms grow, exactly?
Let’s break it down.

Our Law Firm Marketing Services


Google Ads and Bing Ads pay-per-click campaigns can get your law firm seen by the right prospective clients, right at the moment they are actively looking for a lawyer like you.

You only pay for the searchers that click on your ads and then a percentage of those turn into leads and then cases. We’ve seen great ROI for our clients running law firm PPC campaigns. We currently have around $35M in Google Ads/Bing and over $20M in FB ads managed monthly.

We have experience running complex campaigns involving Search Ads, Local Service Ads, display ads, and YouTube ads in highly competitive legal markets.


Get to the top of organic search engine rankings and in the local map pack with SEO. We conduct a careful analysis of your top competitors so we can accurately map out where you are and what it would take to outrank them. From legal copywriting to improving your backlink profile to making sure your site is technically sound, we take care of every detail and keep you informed so you understand what is happening as your rankings improve, locally and nationally.

You’re also going to be receiving individualized attention. Our SEO team has one of the lowest account-to-SEO ratios in the industry, so your campaign will absolutely be getting the consideration it deserves.

Legal Copywriting

Our legal copywriters have years of experience, and we even have a JD on staff. We carefully match the tone of your copy to your brand, so whether you want a compassionate voice or a straightforward and professional tone, we are sure to project the right image.

Before any copy goes live on your website, it undergoes internal revision by our professional editor and you’ll always get to approve the copy before it goes live.


Legal marketing is just the start. You also need to present a cohesive brand that lets prospective clients know what makes your law firm unique, and why they should work with you. Neon Ambition can help you identify your USPs, can help you brand your practice, and make sure every element of your firm’s marketing is in alignment.

Web Design

Whether you’re a new law firm that needs a website built or you have a site that’s not converting, Neon Ambition’s team can build a site that ranks, converts, and projects your brand to online users. We keep technical SEO in mind as we create your site, to make sure you’re getting traffic. 

Our Web Design team will also make sure your website loads lightning fast, is technically sound, and shows your potential clients you’re the authority they should call. As we design your site, we’ll focus on consistent branding and messaging, so you’re going to be putting your best digital foot forward.

Content Marketing

Neon Ambition creates educational and engaging content to explain basic legal concepts to potential clients. Educational content is often needed to help people know whether they have a case or not and can help them understand why they should call your law firm.

Our law firm digital marketing services examine your ideal client’s needs as well as their buyer journey, so we can create credibility-boosting content that builds authority and gives them a great reason to contact you.

Social Media

Our team manages your social media platforms to engage highly targeted audiences who may be looking for an attorney with your background and experience. We understand that you’re busy, and you probably don’t have the time to engage on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the growing host of platforms.

Let us take care of it for you, and build your brand and reputation across a multitude of platforms.


We can help get more eyes on your brand by designing billboards with your logo, phone number, and messaging that resonates. Get the attention of prospective clients and build brand recognition by getting your name out in the communities you serve.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Neon Ambition makes the most of the traffic we drive to your site. We make sure that when readers find you, they’re the right leads and they’re motivated to contact your law firm.

We’ll also make sure your website has the right message and design. We run A/B testing on your landing pages and verify your calls to action and trust symbols are in the right positions to ensure optimal conversion.

Up-to-Date, 24/7/365 Reporting

And while it’s not a separate service, we also wanted to let you know about our transparent reporting, which is included with your marketing services. We show you all our work each month including the content and backlinks we acquire for you. Our in-depth reports include everything you need to know about the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

We pull in data directly from the source via API and we never focus on vanity metrics. Our reports focus on the number of cases your law firm signs each month because we understand that is the ultimate focus of any successful law firm marketing effort.

Make Your Law Firm Marketing
Work for You

When it comes to lawyer marketing, we do it all, big and small. Whether you have a specific idea for a multi-platform law firm digital marketing campaign or you know you just need more clients, contact Neon Ambition. We can help you plan, execute, and evaluate your strategy so you can get ahead.

When you contact Neon Ambition, you’ll speak with our Founder, Jordan Slover — not with a sales rep chasing a quota. In your thirty-minute call, we’ll go over your goals and budget and then we’ll be able to do more research and come back to you with a realistic plan to help you achieve your most ambitious goals for growth.

That said, we know there’s no point in discussing lawyer marketing without talking specifics. That’s why we offer you the following, completely for free:

  • An analysis of your website, with a focus on what can be done to increase your conversion rate
  • Initial keyword research
  • An SEO analysis of your site compared to your competitors  
  • An audit of your existing pay-per-click campaigns
  • An audit of your intake process
  • With this information in hand, we’re ready to hit the ground running to start driving more traffic to your site and securing more clients for your firm.
  • Reach out to us and let’s start talking about a real-world strategy that will work for you.


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How Many Agencies Have You Had to Fire?

We get it - good help is hard to find.

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