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Case Study

Tripling Conversions While Lowering CPA

issuu is an online software-as-a-service (SaaS) publisher. Its solutions empower content creators to upload and distribute their publications worldwide. issuu wanted to exponentially grow their current campaigns to capture as much of the search market as possible. The goal was to increase their spend and number of conversions while, most importantly, maintaining a low cost per conversion.


The high cost-per-click keywords related to the publishing industry issuu needed to target made conversions potentially very costly if their campaign was not managed well.  Grabbing more impression share while expanding into 20 countries and 15 different languages without raising the CPA was going to be difficult. But Neon Ambition took full advantage of its international experience to create a rock-solid campaign structure that could expand to higher and higher budgets without losing its effectiveness.

Our Strategy

In just over one year, Neon Ambition more than tripled issuu’s impression share and conversions, capturing a great slice of the pie, with a cost per conversion that exceeded the client’s goal — one even lower than they began with. The campaign reached over 300M users worldwide in more than 20 countries and 15 languages. And conversions increased by over 300%!


Neon Ambition began with an in-depth review of issuu’s search term reports to identify new negative keywords. This, together with testing multiple bid and keyword expansion strategies, was the goal of the first three months of work. Following the first three months, Neon Ambition focused on adding video, display and remarketing campaigns to increase the volume even further. Succeeding in display network, search and video campaigns was the key to tripling issuu’s conversions at an even lower cost per conversion than expected.

From the Client

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