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Torgenson Law

Case Study

Retaining More, Spending Less: Torgenson Law Increases Retained Cases 296% YoY

Neon Ambition helped Torgenson Law secure 296% more cases over the previous year by improving performance in key areas including SEO rankings, localized content and PPC optimizations while decreasing marketing spend by discovering inefficiencies.

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The Problem

Torgenson Law is an Arizona personal injury law firm whose attorneys had already spent years building a strong reputation by the time they came to Neon Ambition in early 2022. The legal team has won multi-million-dollar settlements and court wins in bicycle accident cases, motorcycle crash claims, car and truck accident cases, and dog bite claims.

While Torgenson Law was getting some new clients with their previous SEO agencies, they were also frustrated by the lack of transparency, new ideas, and lack of growth. They also knew they had the potential to help more clients, but until they talked to Neon Ambition, they weren’t sure how to do that.

Personal injury is one of the most competitive types of law within the legal sphere, especially in cities like Phoenix, where there are many attorneys. Torgenson Law had a clear initial goal: They wanted to get more qualified clients at their firm.

They had signed with an agency and were paying $100,000 a month. The problem? They were seeing few qualified leads and paying a high cost per action (CPA) when they did convert. Worse, they were getting few clear answers about what was wrong.

In March 2022, Torgenson Law started working with Neon Ambition, and an initial analysis by Neon Ambition showed some challenges:

  • A Highly Competitive Digital Landscape: Page counts and linking domains were 44% and 35% lower than top competitors
  • On-site SEO Problems: Poor SEO health led to low website performance
  • Under-utilized Keywords: Keyword targeting was not optimized for conversion-specific search intent
  • Poor Paid Media Optimizations: Outdated campaign strategy from previous partners led to cost inefficiencies in paid marketing efforts

Unfortunately, this had never before been explained to the Torgenson Law.

The Solution

Neon Ambition explained that there were two options: Torgenson Law could catch up over the years or adopt a more aggressive strategy and attempt to outpace the competition in months.

For Torgenson Law, the answer was clear: Let’s get the results we’ve wanted all along.

Neon Ambition’s Method

Neon Ambition takes a strategic approach to SEO, which includes:

  • Identifying search intent
  • Mitigating technical issues
  • Generating high-value backlinks
  • Measuring and reporting on our results

Our strategic approach to PPC includes the following:

  • Auditing the existing account structure to find opportunities for improvement
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews to better understand goals for growth and the return on different offerings
  • Performing bid and ad analysis and optimization
  • Optimizing for Cost Per Case rather than CPL

Neon Ambition’s Approach to Torgenson Law

While Neon Ambition has processes to ensure SEO strategies and PPC campaigns get measurable results, we always work closely with clients to create a bespoke solution that addresses their needs.

This was especially important for law firms, who need to distinguish themselves from the competition. Building an approach that’s unique to the firm bolsters its unique selling proposition and attracts only those who need the firm’s services. Once the right target audience came to the site, the content had to be compelling enough to give visitors very strong reasons to reach out to Torgenson Law.


We Started with a Strategy

For the goals set ahead of us, we identified our two major focuses for Torgenson Law: SEO and PPC Advertising.

For our SEO efforts, we proposed audits to address both the on-site and off-site metrics. We also recommended an ongoing engagement so we would continue to assist with technical SEO, content strategy and marketing, and attracting new links.

We further audited Torgenson Law’s existing paid search and Google Ads efforts, communication strategy, bidding strategy, and keyword utilization to target areas that could be improved. Based on our deep dive, we proposed a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) bidding strategy that optimized the account’s performance so that the firm’s advertising spend was being used efficiently.


We Localized Content

Our team localized the law firm’s SEO efforts, optimizing the website and content for local search terms and ensuring that Torgenson Law’s online presence was consistent across all local directories and review sites.

The challenge with localized content on the Torgenson Law site is that we needed to have both general content about Arizona and specific content about Phoenix and surrounding communities.

We recommended building generalized Arizona content and giving Phoenix its own location tab on the website.

This prevented the Phoenix pages from being lost among practice area pages and also created a space on the menu to add supporting pages and information that doesn’t tie into a single city. We further expanded the keywords to include Arizona-targeted terms.

Not only did organizing the website this way optimize the site, but it also made it easier to navigate for human users, which helped with conversion. While working on localizing the content, we noticed the URL format of the Phoenix section was inconsistent, so we gradually switched out these formats to maintain consistency without disrupting rankings.

The team at Neon Ambition created more compelling content, too, starting with extensive keyword research for supporting topics. We focused on topics that would make readers want to work with Torgenson Law.


We Created Content that Would Convert

The team at Neon Ambition created high-value landing pages, blog posts, and other content that engaged Torgenson Law’s target audience, provided valuable information, and explained exactly why Torgenson Law was the right choice for a legal claim.

For paid search campaigns, we added new keywords, negative keywords, and creative copy to make the most out of every dollar spent on paid search.


We Removed What Wasn’t Working

For Torgenson Law’s search campaigns, we identified and removed any terms that generated unqualified leads. These outdated terms were not only not bringing in new cases, but they also added management costs and unnecessary advertising expenses.

On the website, we eliminated broken links, duplicate H1 headers, and other errors that could negatively impact rankings and the user experience.


We Focused on Link Building

Every month, we continue to review the Torgenson Law website for any link-building opportunities.

We also develop new content for the site based on current changes in client needs. For example, if the team at Torgenson Law is seeing more people interested in a specific practice area, we focus on that practice area for new content. We also explore keywords that have dropped in volume.


We Looked at Citations

To make sure that the Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) for Torgenson Law were consistent everywhere, we created, verified, and updated citations across multiple platforms. An added advantage to this strategy is that it improved the firm’s Google Map rankings.


We Optimized the Torgenson Law Website

We make technical fixes to the Torgenson Law site every month. No technical improvement is too small because it can all improve results.

We look at the Search Console and Semrush for any errors so we can fix them. The Neon Ambition team also tackles page speed, schema, crawlability, and a variety of other factors so that the site will stay in good working order.


We Optimized the Google Business Profile (GBP)

For Torgenson Law, appearing on Google Maps was very important. Chances are, their ideal clients would need them at a moment’s notice after a sudden injury and would be using a cell phone to look up an attorney near them.

Most of the information within the Google Maps listing comes from the Google Business Profile backend. Keeping that in mind, the Neon Ambition team updates this consistently for Torgenson Law. Some of our ongoing efforts include:

  • Keeping hours, location, and other business information updated
  • Uniformity in Name, Address, Phone (NAP) across all listings
  • Adding images of the firm and location
  • Categories and Service Areas up to date
  • Scheduled Content for GMB posts

Managing reviews plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong Google Business Profile. However, most clients don’t leave feedback. To address this, Neon Ambition implemented a review request platform, enabling Torgenson Law to proactively reach out to satisfied clients. In addition, we diligently monitor reviews to address any illegitimate negative reviews.

We collaborated closely with Torgenson Law to ensure timely responses to incoming reviews. Responding to reviews not only demonstrates exceptional customer service to potential clients but also positively impacts the firm’s Google Business Profile ranking. Our aim was to relieve Torgenson Law from the burden of constantly monitoring their online mentions while also ensuring they never missed an opportunity to engage with reviewers.


The Results

The results for Torgenson Law were dramatic. They saw a 296% year-over-year increase in retained cases.

Not just more calls. Not just more visitor traffic and conversions (though they experienced that, too). In addition to the impressive 296% year-over-year increase in retained cases, they also saw:

And the Neon Ambition team did all this while reducing advertising spend by half by optimizing the account’s performance. This means Torgenson Law was getting considerably better results and more paying cases while saving money. The money saved is crucial for rapidly growing law firms like Torgenson Law. They can use the savings to pay for more staff as their workload grows or on other resources that help them succeed.

In SEO, too, Torgenson Law saw impressive results, starting from the first month they worked with Neon Ambition:

In the local map pack from Google, Torgenson Law ranked #2 for “Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix” and #3 for “Car Accident Attorney,” “Bike Accident Lawyer,” and “Accident Lawyer.”

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