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Technical SEO

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Technical SEO lays a solid foundation for your content to flourish. We ensure your site is SEO sound from the bottom up.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is one of the three main pillars of SEO (technical SEO, content and link building). As the search engines progress, technical SEO becomes more and more complex. Ensuring the technical basics are correct on your site is usually the first step in our SEO strategy. Recognize the value of technical SEO for every company online from law firms to home development. Make sure your business is first to the consumer.

Our technical audits include traditional elements like:

  • The ability for the search engines to crawl and discover your content
  • URL structure — Are they too long? Do they include meaningful keys to where the user is on the site? Do they include keywords?
  • Site information architecture — This is how the site itself is organized and how link equity flows through the site. Does the navigation allow users to find information on the site? Is similar content grouped into certain subfolders? Are there elements like breadcrumbs that allow users to navigate through various levels of the site hierarchy?
  • Sitemaps — do they exist? Are they accurate and coded correctly? Are they comprehensive? How many URLs are indexed compared to how many are in the sitemaps? Are the sitemaps updated regularly?
  • Site errors
  • How internal link equity flows through your site
  • Indexation — are all the pages you wish indexed by the search engines? Are the correct versions of URLs indexed?
  • Duplicate content — Is your content duplicated either within your site or on other sites?
  • An analysis of the code and how the engines see your pages
  • On-page factors like titles, meta descriptions and heading tags
  • Content/keyword optimization analysis
  • Semantic (schema) markup (locations, reviews, products, etc).
  • Site and individual page speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Site plugins

Technical SEO audits are customized to your site and business goals, and they can include issues such as:

Multiple language issues

Multiple country issues

Local SEO technician issues

Not only do we provide one of the most in-depth SEO audits in the industry, but we dedicate time to walking your team through the report and supporting documents. We’re also there to support your development team in implementing the recommendations and tracking the results. If you don’t have a development team, no worries — we can take care of the changes for you.

Let us perform a free mini-technical SEO audit of your website. We often find major issues in five minutes!

In Addition To Providing SEO Audits...

We can guide you through an overall technical SEO strategy and implementation. This can include:

Detailed keyword research

Keyword-by-keyword strategies for ranking and traffic.

Continual SEO improvement

Training for your team and ongoing communication around how search engine changes could impact your business.


Recommendations for page-by-page optimization, new content, or site changes to rank on new categories of keywords

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