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Here at Neon, we’ve been experiencing the age-old digital marketing agency dilemma: lively client rosters and plenty of work to do means your own marketing gets placed on the back burner.

Every day, we utilize marketing strategies and tactics that very few other agencies use, and we even reinvent the wheel sometimes! We thought we would start documenting these approaches so others can learn from our internal thought-leadership.

Each one of our team members is a “guru” in his or her own right, so you will be hearing from all of us at times. Read on to see the topics we’ll cover and the people you’ll hear from!


We handle millions of dollars in PPC spend for our clients each month, and they wouldn’t trust us if we weren’t getting results. Rocco Baldassarre and the rest of the PPC team are responsible for those results and all the cutting-edge strategies to go along with them.

Rocco has been featured in the Huffington Post, New York Times, Search Engine Journal, SEMrush and Upwork’s Annual Impact Report, among other publications. He also was named the fifth-most influential digital marketer in 2016 by onalytica.com. Rocco truly is one of the best in the world at managing paid campaigns.

Rocco will be sharing his paid search insights with us for Adwords, Bing and all the social media channels that offer sponsorship. He will also be talking display, remarketing, mobile and more.


Many companies say they handle SEO for clients, but then add the Yoast plugin for on-page optimization and call it a day. Rob Woods and the rest of the SEO team take SEO to the next level, where it should be. Rob specializes in SEO technical site audits, helping customers with their SEO strategy, coaching/training customers, implementing local SEO tactics, and creating content and link-building strategies.

An SEO and online marketer with 17 years of experience, Rob has headed up Neon Ambition’s SEO team since 2015. He is also the technical editor of two SEO/e-commerce books from O’Reilly, Social eCommerce and The Art of SEO.

Rob will be unleashing the most up-to-date and forward-thinking SEO information available, so be sure to stay tuned.

Everything Else

Content Marketing—Our resident content marketing expert, Kasie Dailey, will be talking about campaign strategy and deployment for content offers, landing pages, emails, automation, intelligence and reporting. Blogging about blogging, most likely.

Business Development—Jordan Slover, our founder, will be weighing in pretty frequently to provide insight into some of the common problems he’s encountered in his daily consultations with business owners, marketing agencies, home builders, technology and SAAS organizations, start-ups and more.

Nuts and Bolts—We’ll also be asking (forcing) the rest of our team to keep us updated on the cutting edge of CRO (conversion rate optimization), social media, design and web development.

Creative—Finally, we’ll show off all the client work we’ve been up to!

Our team members have an average of over ten years of experience working in online marketing, and we’re excited to share the wealth of knowledge from our team of industry veterans.

We are aiming to blog at least once a week, so be sure to sign up for notifications — you don’t want to miss anything our awesome team has to say!

If you’d like to hear from us sooner than later, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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