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Beyond the Mountain of Text: 8 Tips to Improve Readability and Engagement

Beyond the Mountain of Text: 8 Tips to Improve Readability and Engagement

Have you ever wondered if anyone actually reads the stuff you write online? The harsh truth is – they’re probably not reading it word-for-word. With endless content competing for limited attention spans, most web visitors skim and scan rather than thoroughly read. Part of the problem is copywriters who don’t format their content to make it easy on the eyes.

But don’t be discouraged! There are ways to change your content and its formatting to make it so much easier to read. Doing so will keep people on your site longer, allow them to learn more from you and increase their engagement with your site which is great for SEO. Here’s how to increase the readability of your content including a tip on a very important page most people don’t optimize the content on nearly well enough:

Use Short Paragraphs and Sections

Huge, dense blocks of text look daunting and discourage engaged reading. Keep paragraphs short and punchy, with ample line breaks and white space. Use clear subheaders to break up longer pieces into bite-sized, skimmable sections. Use plain language, get to the point quickly, and aim for a lower reading level when appropriate.

Format for Skimmability

  • Bold headlines, significant keywords and phrases
  • Outline your article for readers by using heading tags and sub-titles
  • When possible, use bulleted lists instead of written-out phrases

Incorporate Visuals Strategically

Text alone is scanner kryptonite. Incorporate relevant images, graphics, charts, and other visuals throughout your content. These visual elements double as mental breathers and prevent intimidating walls of text.

Avoid using images of text, especially for important information or calls to action. Screen readers can’t pick up that text, and its small size and low quality make it difficult to read, particularly on mobile devices.

Utilize Bulleted Lists

Lists are extremely skimmable, so use bulleted lists to chunk complicated ideas into easy-to-digest pieces.

Keep It Easy on the Eyes

  • Keep your line lengths to 50-60 characters to avoid frustrating line transitions
  • Use ample line spacing of around 150% of your font size
  • Stick to a 16px font size or larger for comfortable reading distance

Optimize Your Contact Page

Let’s face it—no website has a 100% conversion rate on its contact page. This means people visit but then decide not to actually get in touch—often because the page doesn’t sell well on why they should contact you in the first place.

To Close The Deal, Make Sure Your Contact Page Has:

  • Persuasive copy that explains the benefits of getting in touch
  • Enticing copy in the form field itself detailing what to expect
  • Social proof, like customer testimonials and case results near the form
  • Sticky navigation to keep your phone number and key pages visible
  • Contact forms above the fold to make it easy for them to find once they land there
  • Quickly visible info on all of your offices if you have more than one. Don’t make users scroll to find out if you have a location near them

For example, highlight any free consultations, contingency fee policies, or other value props directly in the form: “Get a free case evaluation today – we don’t get paid unless you win! Call 555-555-5555 or fill out the form below.”

Following these guidelines for user-friendly, scannable content will give you a better chance of your key messages sticking with today’s cursory online readers. Don’t get discouraged—fixing this on your site doesn’t actually take long and it will greatly improve your potential client’s ability to grasp what you’re trying to educate them on!

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