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Neon Ambition: Austin’s Most Curious SEO Company

Howdy Texas! We’re glad to be here. Why are we here you ask? I’ve wanted to start my own business for the longest time and I finally found something I’m passionate and good enough at to take the plunge. Neon Ambition, (story behind the name), is the newest Austin SEO company but our experience and superior listening skills are why we are confident we’ll succeed in a crowded marketplace.

I have assembled a small team ready to take on a small number of audaciously ambitious clients. Together we have achieved amazing SEO results for clients across three continents in some of the most competitive industries, been nominated for IAB’s Best Organic Search Campaign (we lost but hey, one of three campaigns nominated is pretty good!) and have worked along side some of the worlds best conversion rate experts. But what I really think is going to differentiate us and drive our success is our ability to listen.

This is my first time starting a company and it has been one of the most exciting times of my ten year career. Every business needs to fill a need in the market and with more than twenty SEO companies in Austin some might wonder why another is needed. I believe Neon Ambition employs better listeners. We’re here to listen to your online marketing challenges and goals first and foremost. Only then can we put together the best strategy for you. Heading up the SEO team for my previous employer in addition to doing my due diligence on my competition here in Austin also had me sitting through too many mystery shopper calls where I was repeatedly told what we needed to spend to succeed before “my company’s goals/needs” were even discussed! I’ve heard countless SEO pitches where I wasn’t asked a single good question about my business or what I wanted to achieve. In my time heading up the Google Analytics Partner Program I encountered too many conversion optimization companies eager to gush about why they were the best without ever asking a single question let alone enough to understand what their potential customers were trying to achieve. We promise to be different. We’re curious.

At Neon Ambition we want to know all about your business and what you need to get to where you want to be. Whether you need help with one area or are looking for an agency to run your entire online marketing campaign, we look forward to hearing from you and listening to your situation. After many years of using my passion for SEO and online marketing to help grow businesses large and small I’m now ready to use that same passion to grow our businesses together.

Since this is our first post in our blog/education section post I should tell you what you can expect to find here in the future. My team and I intend to use this blog to educate and entertain on topics including our main service offerings of SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization, pay per click management and web design. These topics can be rather dry and confusing due to the ever changing rules of the game but I’ll do my best to keep each post short, easy to understand and full of tips and tricks that are easy to implement with some wit thrown in for good measure.

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