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How to Optimize Your Mobile PPC Ads


So you’ve decided mobile PPC is right for your company and now you want to make sure your mobile PPC campaign is both effective and profitable. If so, optimization has just become absolutely vital to your PPC strategy.

This is because there often is no “second place” when it comes to mobile PPC ads. PPC ads shown on a desktop or laptop pc can generate leads when they are in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th place spots. But on mobile, customers really only see that first place ad where it shows up at the top of the screen, right before the

 organic search results. The second and third place ads are typically down at the bottom of the page, where customers are unlikely to ever see it.

If you’re going to be in this race at all, you have to be “in it to win it.”

Bid more on mobile PPC ads.

You’re always going to have to bid just a little bit more if you want your mobile PPC ads to be successful. The strength of your bid is certainly not the only factor in determining whether or not your ad is going to appear. In this case, however, you’re going to need every advantage you can get.

Mobile PPC demands perfect relevance.

Relevance is the next factor Google looks for before deciding where to place your ad. There’s not much margin for error when you’re dealing with mobile PPC. Your headline, ad copy, and landing page all need to work in perfect concert, and they must all demonstrate their keyword relevance.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool and Tag

Last November Google introduced their free to use Mobile-Friendly test which evaluates the ease of use of reading that page on a mobile device. Far too often companies utilize mobile ads but then send visitors to pages that are not optimized for mobile where the user has to squint to read the way too small for mobile text or worse, swipe to scroll the webpage to see all the content. If your site is responsive then you will not have this issue.

If your page passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly test your ad will show a “mobile friendly” tag which often increases CTR and lets people know if they click on your ad they will have a great user experience upon reaching your site. This ads confidence in your company before they even visit!

Click to Call

The goal of mobile PPC is very often to generate a phone call. You can make this easy on your customers by adding a Call Extension to your ad. It puts the little phone icon next to your number with the word “call” on it. People literally just touch the button, and, voila, they’re on the phone with you instead of browsing your website. Instant lead!

Your website often exists just to get those coveted calls, so click-to-call is staggeringly effective. There’s nothing like skipping a few steps in the lead generation process!

Direct customers to a mobile landing page.

Of course, click to call won’t make sense for every business. Some businesses are really only looking for people to visit them in person, for example. A call doesn’t benefit them all that much.

That means you’re back to funneling your customers towards some sort of web page.

Some companies already have responsive web pages, which is fine—they’re ready to take all traffic, no matter the source. If your page isn’t responsive, however, you’re going to need to put together a mobile landing page (or look at making your website responsive).

A mobile landing page should be designed to get your point across very quickly on a small screen. When you design your page you should also be thinking about the customer’s immediate need that triggered that ad, and their search for that keyword. Often this means editing your copy to only include the absolute essential info and push them towards a purchase or lead form.

Get help.

Like traditional PPC, mobile PPC requires constant monitoring and constant adjustments to perform at its very best. Your competitors want that top spot too, which means they’re going to be working to adjust their own bids and their own relevancy in order to wrestle it away from you.

Think about taking advantage of Neon Ambition’s Mobile PPC management services so that you can enjoy all of the power of mobile PPC without having to struggle through any of the headaches. Call us today to discuss what we can do for your business.

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