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Custom Reporting

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By tailoring your report to your individual needs, we’re able to provide you data and insights to help us both make important decisions about how to grow your business.

Custom Reporting

We take reporting seriously and pride ourselves on having some of the most exhaustive reporting in the industry. We know this because our reporting software developer is constantly having to improve its platform to keep up with our complex reporting requirements. We were their first ever customer to pull assisted conversions from Google Analytics into a report!

The software we use allows us to hook into hundreds of data sources via an API to pull data directly into your reports. The most common data sources we pull from include Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and email marketing programs. Because of our API integrated reports, we know the data is accurate and can be updated instantly with the refresh of a page.

Let’s schedule a quick call to show you what our reports could look like for your business.

Custom Reports for Every Level of the Organization

Companies often have many different stakeholders with differing levels of interest in online marketing details. The CEO needs a high-level overview, while the marketing manager wants all the details. We meet with everyone to assess specific reporting needs and can build custom reports to meet all of them.

Phone tracking

If driving phone calls is an important goal of your website, it is imperative to get call tracking in place. Tracking phone call conversions, in addition to form fills and content downloads, helps you measure the full value of your online and offline marketing efforts. Using a dynamic phone number allows us to dynamically change the phone numbers displayed on the website based on where the visitor is coming from. We can then track whether the phone calls received are from paid traffic, social media, organic searches on Google or Bing, or directly typing in your URL. We can also create phone numbers to use for print or traditional media. If these phone numbers are printed on a brochure, for example, and someone calls this number, we can then attribute that call to that piece of print material.

White label reporting for agencies

As an agency, we understand how long it can take to put together client reports each month. Before we got our reporting act together, it sometimes took us until the 15th of the month to deliver a report on the previous month. Pulling in data from multiple data sources and needing to report on data over various date ranges can take days for large clients. But we’ve found a better way. We offer white label reporting for agencies so your account management team can spend more time providing helpful insights to your clients and less time digging for data and compiling 45-page reports (yes, we’ve seen them!). Contact us today to discuss how we can build completely custom reports with API integrations for your clients and save your agency time, money and a whole lot of headache!

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