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Neon Ambition Joins Google Partner Program!

Here at Neon Ambition we have been working tirelessly to bring our clients the best PPC service Austin has to offer. In August our hard work paid off in the form of establishing ourselves as a certified Google Partner. What does it mean to earn the Google Partner badge? Earning the badge shows that our online marketing agency is trusted and backed by Google to effectively and professionally manage Google AdWords campaigns.


Working with a Google Partner means working with the best. We are experts at PPC marketing and masters of all things AdWords. A partner has access to Google led training, industry research, and first word on upcoming AdWords updates. This gives us an edge up on the competition; after all, Google wouldn’t lend their name and certified partner badge to us if we weren’t consistently getting our clients the results they expect.

Google Partner Badge

How does a company become a certified Google Partner?

There are four requirements needed for a company to receive partner status. The first requirement is creating a company profile; you can view ours here.


Pass Google AdWords Certification Exams

Next a company must complete the Google AdWords certification exams. Passing these exams demonstrates that we have the knowledge and skills to manage PPC campaigns and master Google tools.


The four exams are:

  • Fundamentals: This covers the essentials such as; setting a budget, selecting an effective bid, picking the right keywords, choosing the right ad formats, and managing multiple PPC accounts.
  • Advanced Search: Specifies improving the quality of the ads, creating AdWord reports, AdWord tools and editors, bidding strategically and maximizing performance.
  • Advanced Display: Tests on the ability to plan, design, implement and measure display ads on Google’s network, mobile devices and YouTube.
  • Video Advertising: Includes developing video advertisements as well as executing and managing video campaigns.


As one of only a few Austin Google Partners, Neon Ambition has proven their knowledge of PPC management. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you earn more business through Google AdWords and PPC marketing give us a call at 512- 865-8050 or fill out our contact form and we will be happy to get back to you!


Healthy Client Spend Under Management

The third step in becoming a Google Partner is physically managing a healthy business portfolio. Maintaining this partnership means that we have experienced account managers managing a minimum of $10,000 in client spend on AdWords during the past 90 days.


Utilize Best Advertising Practices 

Finally a Google Partner must demonstrate Best Advertising Practices. This is where Neon Ambition differentiates themselves from other Austin PPC Agencies. In order to complete this requirement a company has to prove to Google that they are giving their clients the best service possible. The agency must make the most out of every budget, achieve great client retention, and be successful at accomplishing client goals. Best advertising practices means that we utilize advanced Google AdWords techniques.


Search Network Best Practices:


  • Using negative keywords to ensure client sites are not showing for searches containing words we don’t want to show for like cheap, free etc. This cuts down on wasted spend and makes the most of a clients AdWords budget.
  • Adding phrase match, exact match, and broad match keywords to ensure we capture the right visitors and can adjust bids accordingly while minimizing unwanted clicks.
  • Increasing ad rank by improving ad quality score. This is done by advising clients on ways to create or improve landing pages and write and test better ad copy to name a few.


Display Network Best Practices:


  • Adding demographic targeting to reach certain consumers in a specific age range or gender.
  • Utilize the Google display network and specifying where client ads are placed, narrowing the scope to the most relevant potential consumers.
  • Setting up remarketing campaigns. This allows ads to follow users around the web once they’ve visited a clients site but did not convert.


Customer Care Best Practice:


  • Keeping client retention by regularly enhancing account performance and fine-tuning campaigns to achieve the greatest ROI.


To us, being recognized for utilizing best practices in AdWords management is the most important recognition we receive from Google. Being a Google Partner is good but surpassing our client’s goals and bringing them great business makes us the best Austin PPC management agency.


Everyone here at Neon Ambition is very excited about this new partnership and what it holds for the future of our company. If you are interested in learning more about how this opportunity can benefit you feel free to call us on 512-865-8050 or contact us, we are only a click away.

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