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WordPress Website Hosting: Why We Recommend WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the leading web hosting providers for WordPress websites. As a managed web hosting company, WP Engine takes care of all the security needs for your site while providing enterprise-quality servers that are fast and reliable. At Neon Ambition, we advise clients to use WP Engine for WordPress website hosting because it provides the support, speed, consistency and features needed to maintain a quick and secure site that their customers will love.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we recommend (and love!) WP Engine:

1. Fast page load speed

We’ve looked at other WordPress hosting providers, and honestly, we just haven’t found one that’s as fast as WP Engine. It provides some of the fastest page loads available from any web hosting platform. Given that Google uses page load time as a major factor when ranking websites on its search engine, brands just can’t afford to have pages that load slowly.

Page load time impacts not only your search engine optimization, but also the user experience. When potential customers click onto your site and find that it is slow to load, they will most likely move on to another site to get what they need.

WP Engine uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to provide improved page load times. This means that they have a network of servers spread across the world. When a user loads a webpage supported by WP Engine, their network pings the geographically closest server to deliver static web content faster. The end result is a speedier page load time—and ultimately, an improved user experience for better Google rankings.

2. Great support

Another awesome benefit of WP Engine is its unparalleled customer support. When you sign up for WP Engine, you get expert WordPress help whenever you need it. With 24/7 chat and live support, you can get help with your issue almost immediately, helping you cut down on issues and site downtime.

WP Engine also has a rich library of common support questions and other resources. This database makes it easy to troubleshoot issues ranging from simple to a bit more complex. And if you can’t find the answer to your question there, you can get a real person on the line in no time to help you figure it out.

3. Security and performance warnings

Another reason we recommend WP Engine for WordPress website hosting is that it’s secure. With WP Engine, you benefit from enterprise-level website security that’s built right into the hosting platform. This helps secure your hosting environment and website from security vulnerabilities, which the platform will notify you of when it finds an issue.

WP Engine also works behind the scenes to scan your site’s unsupported plugins. With so many different options for third-party plugins, there are bound to be a few that just don’t work well together, causing your site to slow down. WP Engine will notify you when plugins need to be updated or when a new plugin you want to use would conflict with another plugin or cause performance issues.

4. One-click restores manual backup

There’s nothing we love more than something that makes our lives more convenient — and that’s exactly what the one-click restore option on WP Engine does. Whether you’ve made a mistake on a page or a recent upgrade has your website doing funny things, you can restore from any number of backup points in just one click. A few minutes later, your website will be safely restored to its original state.

WP Engine also has a one-click manual backup option, making it easy to back up and set restore points in a matter of moments. This ensures that you can safely restore to a previous point before making major changes to your website. WP Engine also has automatic daily backups that back up all files, website content and the WordPress database each night.

5. Easy URL redirects

When you purchase a WP Engine hosting plan, it’s easy to create URL redirects to have any of your old web pages point to the correct, updated URL. This comes in handy if you have changed some of your page locations over time. While once upon a time this may have required developers to write unique redirect rules for each page, you can now easily manage redirects through WP Engine.

Keeping up with redirects is important for search engine optimization. You don’t want to send a visitor or customer to a page that doesn’t exist anymore. However, you do want to preserve your SEO rankings and external links for these pages. Using URL redirects helps you do this, and WP Engine makes it easier than ever to manage these.

Ready to get started with WP Engine?

Neon Ambition is pleased to provide our readers a special offer on this premier hosting solution. Sign up today and get 3 months free on annual plans! When you enroll, you’ll also get access to a full suite of 35+ StudioPress WordPress Themes free, including themes with One-Click Theme Setup capability such as Revolution Pro, Genesis Sample Theme, and Monochrome Pro. Start benefiting from everything WP Engine has to offer—for free.

Looking for more advice? We can help. Let’s chat more about your goals for your brand’s website and what you’re looking for in a site update with WP Engine.

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to WP Engine for which we receive a commission; however, our reporting and recommendations are always objective.


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