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Our Neon Ambition OTT (Streaming TV Ads) media offering will optimize for lead conversions while tracking site visits and form submissions.


Leveraging Neon Ambition’s proprietary OTT conversion tracking, we identify who filled out a form and ultimately enrolled following exposure to OTT ads, offering full-funnel attribution.

We will actively move budget away from underperforming platforms and toward overperforming ones as the campaign runs, delivering real-time optimization toward low-funnel KPIs.

OTT Viewers Engage with Ads if There Is an Appropriate Value Exchange

0 %

of OTT consumers recalled seeing an
ad and 40% paused the programming to purchase or learn more

0 x

achieved higher engagement with big screen OTT streaming video compared to video viewed on desktop or mobile

0 %

are comfortable seeing ads if
they aren’t paying anything for the content

Targeting Capabilities

We will effectively connect your brand with the target audience—delivering your messaging to them on whatever device they’re consuming media.

We focus on getting prospective clients into your marketing funnel. Once there, we will gather data on their interactions across the web and use custom audience segments to better tailor messaging and targeting, to continuously improve upon the campaign’s performance.





IP Zone

Mobile Device / Geo Fencing

Cord Cutter Statistics

30% of overall TV watchers plan to cut the cord in 2021

Younger viewers (aged 18-24), 87% of young people plan to cut the cord in 2021

Meet Our OTT Partners

How we set ourselves apart from every other OTT solution in the industry:

Full-funnel attribution – every impression of your OTT campaign is traceable to a conversion, whether it’s a site visit or form fill.

Direct deals with premium streaming services and channels – partnerships and preferred pricing with the most premium publishers in the industry to create a scaled and affordable marketplace to buy OTT inventory.

Conversion and Optimization

Neon Ambition optimizes your streaming TV ad campaigns in real time—pinpointing exactly where revenue is coming from by tracking impressions (i.e., ad views) to conversions (i.e., form fills) — to effectively maximize ROI and drive future marketing decisions.

Track Form Fills

We will send you a pixel to place on your thank you page and match every form fill to an OTT impression.

Site Visits

We will send you a pixel to place on your website and track all the traffic that resulted from your OTT campaign.

App Installs

With our proprietary software, we can ingest and match your install logs to every OTT impression.

Store Visits

Using our device graph, we can match an OTT impression to a mobile device and discover if that mobile device turned up in a physical store location.

How It Works

Pixels placed on relevant pages for your campaign will track and measure conversions, optimizing towards top, middle, and lower funnel actions

Display Ads and Retargeting

We serve highly visible ad placements on sites with content your target audience is actively reading across all devices.

Retarget users who visited your site without converting by showing them ads to re-engage them and drive them back to your site.


Customized Reporting


  • Customizable, dynamic reporting
  • Weekly wrap-ups including screenshots
  • Post-campaign performance reports
  • Campaign insight reports

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